Silly Summer Fun matching alpha freebie!

I have a freebie for you today.  I made an alpha to match “Silly Summer Fun” by Lisa Minor at Scrabdebris.  I used the red paper from the kit along with a commercial font.  I hope you find it useful!  Here’s the preview:

Silly Summer Fun Alpha Preview

Silly Summer Fun Alpha Preview

You can download it here:  Silly Summer Fun Alpha.  Also, if you check out Lisa’s blog,  you will find links to some more freebies from this kit!  Enjoy, and please leave a comment!


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8 Responses to “Silly Summer Fun matching alpha freebie!”

  1. LiviaY Says:

    Great job on the alpha!!!
    Perfect fit for the kit!
    TFS… HUGS!

  2. ruthy Says:

    COOL! I love alphas. So much fun to play with. Nice job!

  3. Mrs E of Scrappy Freebies Says:

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Sue Says:

    Thanks for the fun alpha! 🙂

  5. Pattycakes Says:

    Thank you for the awesome alpha and hope you have a Happy Easter!! 🙂

  6. Jazzy Says:

    Hi girl..just poppin in to say the alpha..thanks for sharing..

  7. marianne Says:

    hi there!!!! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, with regards the word-art and QP’s I made for the NDISB blog train 🙂 I am curius though …. you said “Thank you so much, habibi”, do you speak Arabic? I was just really floored by your use of the word 🙂 Kindest Regards, Marianne

  8. june Says:

    Thanks for the terrific alpha!!

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