“Silly Summer Fun” quick page freebie

Today I have a free quick page for you. It’s made using “Silly Summer Fun” by Lisa Minor at Scrapdebris.  It’s based on my layout in the previous post using a template by Lisa as well.  Here’s the preview:

Silly Summer Fun Quick Page Freebie

Silly Summer Fun Quick Page Freebie

You can down load the quick page here:   Silly Summer Fun Quick Page

All of Lisa’s kits sell for only $1.00!  Yep!  What a great deal, eh?  Enjoy, and please leave a comment!


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7 Responses to ““Silly Summer Fun” quick page freebie”

  1. LiviaY Says:

    Thank you so much! Love the white background!!!

  2. ruthy Says:

    VERY Cute qp! This is my first time at your blog & I was very happy to find your old kits still available – they are beautiful & just the style I like. Keep up the good work. I think you can easily become one of my favorite designers!
    Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  3. Lea Says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. june Says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog otherwise I might have missed out on this gorgeous QP!!

  5. Ginsassog Says:

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  6. Exceriiniliep Says:

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  7. Exceriiniliep Says:

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